Rule 3 – Small Portions

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27 Feb 2017 by Hazel

What is a small portion? I hear you ask. What indeed?  Well for me this came about as a result of not eating. When I started again it took a very small amount to fill me up. Whilst that was never going to last I knew I could not return to the portion sizes of the past. So for me this meant the following:

Have only one. One sausage. One piece of chicken. One salmon steak.  Yes I used to eat 2, 3 or 4 sometimes.

Halve the size of the portion or take the smallest piece. Steaks are huge, cut it in half. Same with fish. Again this was a mindset change. Instead of diving in first and taking the biggest piece available I would wait till everybody had served themselves and of whatever was left I’d go for the smallest.

Buy small amounts. Instead of 400g of mince, buy 200g – Coopers pork at our local Talking Shop were great for this.  Look for the smallest steak, instead of the biggest.

Cook small amounts or freeze half or take half to work for lunch.

My portion sizes where not restricted to the high calorie protein but also to the veg.  There was no excuse to eat in excess.

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