Rule 4 – No 2nd helpings, ever!

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27 Feb 2017 by Hazel

I used to go back for seconds all the time, even thirds. This was so unnecessary and pure gluttony and, alongside small portions, made sense.  What was the point of taking small portions if you were going to have 2nds or 3rds or more?

The way I avoided the temptation was to only cook what I needed. If, for whatever reason, there was left overs I would put it in a tupperware dish and in the fridge or freezer immediately. No letting it hang around to be picked at. If I had a portion or two left over I’d take it to work for lunch the next day.

This is one rule I have never broken. Whilst I sometimes fall off the wagon regarding sugar – usually because the ingredients have changed or I’m kidding myself something is “good for me” and my portions have grown, not greatly, but they have this rule of no seconds has stuck.


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