Rule 5 – Drink Water (or herbal tea)

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27 Feb 2017 by Hazel


Every diet tells you to drink gallons of water, keep hydrated. I find this easy in summer but in the winter it is a challenge for me so I drink loads of herbal teas. Some of which are also quite sweet – cinnamon, apple and licorice are all sweet and warming. More so as your palette grows more and more sensitive to sweetness.

I also tend to drink black coffee – no it is not an alternative to water but thought I’d mention it as we are talking of drinks. Sometimes I have ANOTHER guilty pleasure which is a skinny cappucino. I prefer skinny milk as I find it froths better. So this is not a “fat free” choice but rather a flavour choice.

I never touch fizzy drinks, other than fizzy water every now and again, oh and soda water. Same for fruit juice. It is just not part of my eating regime.

Occasionally, very occasionally I shall treat myself to a dark hot chocolate. Hotel Chocolat does a 100% dark chocolate. It is simply delicious with drinking coconut milk like chi but this is usually on a day when I have had NO fruit or any other sugar. I think in 3 years I have done this twice.

Oh and we cannot avoid alcohol – I never drink beer! Prosecco, wine and, for a very special treat, hendriks with low fat tonic water – but that is a definite no no! So Christmas, birthdays, yup special occasions.

Back to water, I will sometimes, not always put a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber in the water. I also keep bottles of water in my fridge for easy access. Glass bottles which I refill from my filter jug!


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