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4 Mar 2017 by Hazel

img_1430It’s Saturday March 4th and I’m sitting in the lounge of my favourite place, David Lloyd gym in Oxford having done a Body Balance class. Sipping on a lovely skinny cappuccino and taking a breath before heading home to get on with this amazing celebratory weekend with Bernie and Jess.

Exercise always makes me feel on top of the world. Don’t misunderstand, I am no exercise junky – well I wasn’t! I hated exercise but I’ve learnt to love it. I never engaged with the whole “kill yourself” approach. My view was it had to be enjoyable and manageable. So I started by walking with friends. I signed up to a cheap gym and swam, 10 lengths, then 20, then 30, then Jess joined me and before you knew it we were swimming 100s of lengths. I experimented with yoga, body balance, Pilates and as a day turned into a week, into a month, into a year I realised I had established a very good habit and love of exercising.

I’m goal orientated and love competition. I signed up to a team competition at work and started to walk and cycle to work. Then came my first Fitbit and I started to pay attention to my resting heart rate. Which varies between 53 and 64 these days. If I want to drive it down I need to Spin or swim!

But right now I’m heading home. On foot. Chasing that 15 minute mile. Stopping at our beautiful village market to pay for my order and then off to the supermarket to stock up for Bernie’s birthday dinner which I’ll be cooking tonight. My life if amazing, my friends and family awesome and I’m incredibly grateful for all I am and all I have. Have fun out there.

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