Managing the Weight loss

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11 Mar 2017 by Hazel

hazel 2014

Left 2013 (18 stone/116kg), Right March 2014 (16 stone/100kg)


Other than the first stone, which fell off rather rapidly thanks to the fact I had simply stopped eating, I have managed to loose the weight very slowly. Having started in September by March 2014 I’d lost 2 stone/16kg and I was inching my way back into my “slim” side of the wardrobe. I was so pleased with my progress that I even bought, and wore, a bikini when I visited South Africa in December 2014 by which time I had managed to get down to 15 stone.


December 2014 & I go for my first dive IN A BIKINI! What was I thinking?

It has amazed me just how little I actually realised what I looked like. I just felt fantastic and seemed not to care if other’s thought that or not. I look at the photo with all my dive bBananauddies and cringe now. Compared to where I am now I seem to be huge. Although at 15 stone I am only 2 stone heavier than I am now which does not sound that much.

At first all it took was the new eating regime for the weight to steadily come off. Once I started to plateau I kick started the loss by introducing exercise. However, around mid 2016 my eating pattern and exercise routine were simply maintaining my weight at 85 kilograms. At this point I was wearing size 12/14 and so I had to do something to kick start the weight loss again.

At this point I feel more comfortable “dieting”. I know it goes against my whole ethos, however, the big difference is I am starting from an eating plan that is healthy and I know when I return to it I will be able to manage my weight effectively. All I had to do was adjust it slightly so that my weight started to come off again. My chosen approach was to count calories. Hence MyFitnessPal. In this I log all my food and exercise. I have been doing this for 26 days and so far I have lost 4 kilograms.

My goal is to get down to a size 10 dress size and weight wise I’d like to be between 70 and 75 kilograms.







December 2014 and I take my first dive IN A BIKINI – What was I thinking?

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