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20 Mar 2017 by Hazel

A year ago something happened which meant I had to give up my permanent, seemingly secure, senior  (and well paid) position in a local University. It was at this time I realised that nothing is “permanent”, much less “secure” so I decided to have a go at contracting. Something I’d wanted to do for years as this aligns so brilliantly with my love of change but had not had the financial backing or been brave enough to do it. Now I was ready. As a result of this decision I am not only in the most financially secure place I have been in my life but I work the hours I want and am often able to work from home. I have a far better balance in my life and get to meet new people and take on fab new challenges regularly.

I should have done this years ago, however, my total fear of being financially destitute had governed my decisions which meant I lacked confidence in my own abilities. This lead to decisions that had a really negative impact on my life. Contracting, which can be incredibly short-term, has taught me the value of living for here and now.  Living in the moment has allowed me to completely turn around my approach to life. Every day has to count. There is no room for being complacent or resting on one’s laurels. Whether or not I earn a living is 100% dependent on my approach to the role I am in, agencies who find me new roles and my attitude.

These days I think I have better mastered the art of living in the moment. Yes I plan, I have to it is my profession to do so and, friends say I plan far further forward then many of them. I guess the difference is I don’t worry about negative things that MAY happen.  My approach to things like turning to dust or retirement is such that I have an eye on it but I don’t really spend too much time, or money, on it.  My children know my wishes when my demise comes and I’ve sort off got plans should I make it to a point where I can no longer work.  Other than that my take is today, this moment is the most important.


Appreciating the moment in time is incredibly empowering. The beauty of a sunrise, the vibrancy of a season change, the love of friends or family, the pure joy of achieving a goal or taking in the stillness of a morning as I walk to the gym. Magical events in nature like the murmurations at Otmoor or sitting quietly with my stunning, and very entertaining, animal soulmate – Kitty. These are the moments that make up my life alongside many, many more. Wasting a second of these moment concerning myself with what might happen in the next (future) moment is totally pointless. The reality is that moment may never come and if it does, good or bad, I’ll deal with it when it gets here.

The planning I do is fun. Soirées with my girlfriends, time with my gorgeous children, holidays travelling this amazing planet and visiting my friends and family in far flung parts of our world. Yes these I plan for because every moment I spend planning for these is fun, happy, pleasurable. I’ve made a very conscious choice to believe that all will be great in my future and so my behaviour and attitude falls in line with that belief.


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