If only I had paused…

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3 Apr 2017 by Hazel

Sitting quietly catching up on one of my favourite television series, Frankie and Grace, and fighting with my knitting (it was not flowing yesterday) my mobile rang. It was Josh.  My 16 year old son. Given he was out with his boyfriend this could only mean one thing, trouble. Err yes! My positive mental attitude went out the window in a split second (bad mum!). So it was exactly what I thought it was, trouble. His wallet had been stolen. No I did not pause, not for a moment, before I lost it as I had only just replaced his bus pass which he had lost previously. He hung up on me. Not surprising really.

Once I had time to process I started sending him suggestions of what he could do. Go to the police station. Go get a new bus pass.  Retrace his steps. You name it, I was suggesting it. My positive mental attitude, and reality, had kicked in. I knew he had lost it and nobody had stolen it as he suggested. My concentration on unpicking the mess that I had made with my knitting then allowed me to forget until he walked through the door.


Three of Steve’s pieces of artwork

I was in my pjs. As he walked in he was reading a text which went along the lines of “A man has found your blue wallet, he will be outside Barclays until 10(pm!), if you can’t make it he will leave it at…..”. Throwing on  some clothes I could not help but wonder, why “a man”, why did they not say his name, why did “the man” not send the message himself and WHO stands outside a bank for hours waiting for someone to come fetch a lost item? All the way into Oxford I could not help but think I should stop at the police station and get advice, were we walking into some sort of trap.

Oh my suspicious mind. It was so not on pause. It was racing. I even left all our valuables in the car before walking across to the bank. If only I had paused for a second I would have been able to acknowledge this amazing act of kindness, which I will at some point today because there in front of Barclays sat Steve. Talking animatedly to his friend and smiling.  You see Steve is a street artist and he was sitting with his art waiting for the next nice person to buy one of his pieces. I could not because I’d left my purse in my car.

Oh the embarrassment. My faith in humanity restored I slowly started to answer my questions and smile. Despite my suspicious mind I recognised that my positive mental attitude had taken over at some point as my actions were aligned to fundamentally believing he would find his wallet. Having thought his call would spell trouble, it did, but once I paused (subconsciously) my thoughts flipped to believing it would be found and it was.

The moral of this story is really twofold, firstly it is yet more evidence that you have a choice about what you believe but regardless of whether it is good or bad the outcome is usually what you believe it will be. Secondly, there are some beautiful people in this world, far more than there are evil. So my advice when in a sticky/stressful situation is to pause, believe in the good in the world and focus your energy on believing in a positive outcome.

So finally to each person who reads this take a moment to pause, look around you and make today as amazing as this very deliberate act of kindness. Taking my own advice I captured this from outside my bedroom door this morning. We live in an amazing world.


via Daily Prompt: Pause

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