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11 Apr 2017 by Hazel

Although my relationship with food has changed, I still love cooking and good ingredients.  These days I just tend to flex the amount I eat to the exercise I have done and I listen carefully to what my body is telling me and respond accordingly. I always eat breakfast even if it is a simply banana so I thought I would share some ideas.

Light breakfasts

On days when I am not doing much exercise I tend to make my breakfast small and light in calories. This includes a small banana, a boiled egg with asparagus spears or a small portion of plain yoghurt and fresh berries, my favourite is blueberries.  Poached egg but served on slices of grilled aubergine or courgette is also lovely. These are usually around the 100/150 calorie mark.

Medium breakfasts 

Sometimes, either because I am planning on doing a little more exercise, or my body is just asking for more I shall up my intake to around 200/250 calories. I’ll add a small amount of nut butter to my banana (YUM!) – just dollop it on the end with a spoon. I’ll add a small slice of low GI bread or I’ll fry the egg instead of poaching/boiling it. Oh and avocado is amazing, a small amount spread on a small slice of low GI bread topped with your favourite nut butter (make sure it has no added sugar – whole earth, meridian or pip & nut are my favourites).


Needing more

There are days when even I need a little more than 300 calories. These are usually days when I have lots of exercise planned or I am indulging myself at breakfast time or my body is screaming for more. About a week ago I was craving marmite and cheddar on toast. The bread and cheese are killers when it comes to calories.   A 40g slice of low GI bread is 115 calories and 20g (that’s seriously not much) of cheddar is 74 calories. Add in the butter and the fact I was having a sandwich, which was about 60g of bread and you are looking at upwards of 350 calories.

When this happens I do a number of things, firstly I always buy sliced bread (usually a small round loaf so you get different size slices), this allows me to take two of the smallest slices in the batch.  I will use my grater to either slice or grate the cheese, it goes further. So I minimise the damage.

One of my favourite indulgences is poached egg on smashed avocado. Here’s how:

Take half of a small hass avocado and scoop out the flesh into a bowl, slice through it roughly with a knife.
Add about quarter of a chopped up hot red chilli and about 6 chopped cherry tomatoes
Now add some salt and pepper and a squeeze of half a lime and gently mix it together.
Boil some water, at the point it is boiling add the egg and turn off the heat. It takes about 6 minutes to softly poach a large egg. I usually scoop it out with a slotted spoon and put it on kitchen paper to soak up the water.
Toast a small slice of low GI bread (I don’t bother with butter)
Now put the smashed avo mix on the toast and top with the egg (or two!).


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