Preparation – The Key to success

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8 Jan 2018 by Hazel

Since buying Angelique’s book  “The Balance Plan” I have been walking around the house with it like it was a kitten! Reading it and preparing for my kick off.  The shopping ordered it arrived on Friday and I barely had enough space in my fridge to store all the vegetables!  Given I have been living off some of the recipes this soon started to dwindle as I prepared my chicken stock, made my hummus and pesto and lived through the last few days of a mixture of her diet and mine.  Now the time has come and I am up early to get everything ready for the day ahead.

I usually do my exercise around 6am but I am finding Monday’s such a struggle I’m considering making it a rest day. It is 06:40 and despite all my preparation it has taken me all this time to make my breakfast, prepare my lunch for taking to work and do all my usual chores. So I think I am going to work my exercise routine into days when the preparation can all be done the nut before. For example on days where breakfast is overnight oats.

This morning I had make my smoothy as I really don’t like them made the night before, prepare my porridge for breakfast and whip up a batch of my absolutely favourite drink – Angelique’s Immune Booster Tonic.  This, alongside the frittata I made last night, the smoothy and some salad is coming to work with me.  I have to say that breakfast was lovely and I have wolfed it down.  Cooked porridge with pureed berries, nuts and seeds and a dollop of my favourite coyo yoghurt. YUM! Watch this space to see how I get on with the day.


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