Sugar free chilli beans

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14 Jan 2018 by Hazel

Made with love, no sugar and in a slow cooker

I love baked beans but stopped eating them as they are packed with sugar, usually come in tins and are also high in salt.  My first attempt at beans was as a result of finding Angelique’s sugar free beans for which I bought a very expensive jar of aduki beans. About to replenish my stock of beans so I can make another batch I find a 500g bag of dried aduki beans in my cupboard and set about boiling them up.  Batch one I burnt because I fell asleep and they boiled dry so my 2nd attempt I did in the slow cooker.

I emptied the beans in the slow cooker, covered with vegetable stock and turned it up high.  There my beans stayed until they were soft with a very slight bite.  About 8 hours at least, maybe longer. Once I’d got them to this stage I took a small sweet potato, peeled and chopped it and steamed it till it was soft and tender.  Then I blitzed it.

I added a 400gms chopped tomatoes (yes from a can sadly – next time I’ll make my own!) and the blitzed sweet potato to the beans and stock alongside a rather generous sprinkling of chilli flakes.  Hey presto chilli beans. There was no measuring, no science just a bit of magic me thinks but they have come out beautifully.  I have put them in jars and in the fridge they shall live.  This morning I had some on my lovely gluten free bread care of Deliciously Ella which is a doddle to make and works out every time.  It does go mouldy very quickly so I recommend slicing it and storing it in the freezer.  I then toast it as I need it.



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