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24 Sep 2018 by Hazel

A blog focused on making healthy food swaps.

Simple Food Swaps

I woke this morning realising that no matter whether you are trying to save the planet, get fit, lose weight or learn to be a lot more frugal the key to success is about making small steps in the right direction.  It seems we all fall for this rhetoric of wanting to be INSTANTLY slim, fit, rich, attractive, self-sufficient – you name it if we cannot figure out a way to get to our objectives fast then it all becomes a little pointless.

Right now I’m doing all of the above.  Without an income I have to learn to live on a budget (and fast!).  Having picked up weight again due to stress, inactivity and apathy I want to lose it again, fast! My head is spinning with ideas for a new career but THREE YEARS of study, you have got to be kidding! As for saving the planet I…

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My food guru is Sarah Wilson: is my absolute hero.

Guilty Pleasure: Whole earth crunchy peanut butter on banana or apple.

Go to recipe site:

I aspire to: Joe Wicks HIITs

For a low calorie, high flavour dinner try combining all those lovely veggies like courgette, aubergine, spinach, cauliflower and peppers with some lightly fried onions, a tin of tomatoes and curry powder. YUM!

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