Lifestyle changes are no quick fix!

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29 Sep 2018 by Hazel

This morning whilst talking to one of my amazing friends about reducing her sugar intake I was encouraging her to take it slowly, make small changes and over time her palate would adjust and she would be less and less inclined to eat the sweet stuff. This conversation allowed me to reflect on my own journey and realise that every quick fix I have ever tried has failed and that it has only been as a result of making lifetime changes that I have managed to get better control of my weight and total food addiction.

You see I am a complete foodie. I love to cook, eat and socialise over food and when it comes to exercise I’m not a natural. Yes walking is my thing but I still need to motivate myself to get out there and get on with it! LOUDLY. My journey has taken me over 4 years and I still have some challenges I need to overcome.

My portion control wavers whenever I am socialising and my golden rule of “no second helpings” seems to fly out of the window. Then there is the sticking to 6 teaspoons of fructose a day, or only 20 Almonds – seriously who eats 20 almonds? A bag is the only way to go and given I have massive jars of nuts in the house it is dangerous. So I just avoid them but on bad days they speak to me, no they shout at me “EAT ME”.


Just like this swan you have to have patience with yourself. You also have to understand what motivates you and what are your values? This is exactly what I shall be doing with every client I have, working closely to understand what their objectives are alongside getting an in depth understanding of their motivations, values and beliefs so I can advise them on changes they can keep up for life.

The trick to making long term, sustainable changes is do it over time.  Adopt habits you can keep for life.  Recognise that your journey has no end but has achievements along the way.  Be prepared to adapt and recognise that life has a nasty habit of throwing you curve balls that could send you reeling back to old ways that can sabotage your efforts.  When this happens there is no point beating yourself up, the trick is to develop strategies that will allow you to “stop the rot” and get you back on track.

Vishen Lakhiani who I discovered earlier this year has simple limits which he strives to maintain – one being able to drop to the floor and do 50 pushups (NO I CANNOT DO THIS) but he uses it as a measure of his own fitness.  Now if he can’t do that he then puts a short term period in place to improve his fitness by increasing the number to 51 thus setting himself a short term goal.

For me it is my resting heart rate and my weight.  If either, or both, go up I know what I have to do to “stop the rot”, and whilst I have totally cracked the way in which to reduce my resting heart rate, I still struggle to lose weight.  I need to count calories and that takes effort and there is always something much better to do. So my hunt for a better, more longterm fix for me is still on because the changes I am making are for life and my life is going to be a long one!


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