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  1. Snacks

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    21 Apr 2017 by Hazel

    I have a propensity to eat little and often, sometimes a little larger, but always often :-). Cakes and biscuits …
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  2. Breakfast Ideas

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    11 Apr 2017 by Hazel

    Although my relationship with food has changed, I still love cooking and good ingredients. ¬†These days I just tend to …
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  3. Sweet delights


    9 Apr 2017 by Hazel

    Alongside my “no sugar”eating plan my daughter is lactose intolerant and my friends, Bernie and Linden, don’t do gluten. Often …
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  4. Path to success

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    28 Mar 2017 by Hazel

    Last week I read a book by¬†Sherri Nicholds entitled “The Realist’s Guide to Sugar Free” and an article, which I …
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  5. Managing the Weight loss

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    11 Mar 2017 by Hazel

      Other than the first stone, which fell off rather rapidly thanks to the fact I had simply stopped eating, …
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  6. My staples


    1 Mar 2017 by Hazel

    In our home you will always find the following: Whole Earth Peanut Butter Bananas Eggs Home made Granola – I …
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  7. Rule 2 – low carbs

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    27 Feb 2017 by Hazel

    It’s a well known fact that food high in carbs are usually high in sugar so cutting down or out …
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My food guru is Sarah Wilson: is my absolute hero.

Guilty Pleasure: Whole earth crunchy peanut butter on banana or apple.

Go to recipe site:

I aspire to: Joe Wicks HIITs

For a low calorie, high flavour dinner try combining all those lovely veggies like courgette, aubergine, spinach, cauliflower and peppers with some lightly fried onions, a tin of tomatoes and curry powder. YUM!

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